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Sullyoon's school life was revealed by an alleged NMIXX Sullyoon acquaintance.

Recently, a post by a netizen claiming to be a friend of Sullyoon of NMIXX garnered attention. The post detailed the idol's school years in ten bullet points, stating that she was:

1. Generous and humble

2. Calm

3. Studied diligently 

3. Studied diligently 

5. Prior to joining JYPE, she worked as a SME trainee. Everyone at school referred to her as "The SM trainee." She then performed 'La Vie en Rose.' (This is why a large number of former SM trainees posted on social media in support of Sullyoon's debut.)

6. Many children admired her for her kindness and humility.

7. She studied Spanish

7. She studied Spanish

9. She was the vocalist for her high school band.

10. She stayed in her class's group chat until the very end and responded to Katalks from her classmates congratulating her on her debut.

Netizens responded with comments such as "I'm not sure I'd feel jealous if someone like her attended my school, but apparently a lot of kids were."

"One day, I wish I could have a daughter like Sullyoon."

"I believe that anyone who has been attractive throughout her life is naturally nice and kind. As Yuna and Suzy are."

"She is so flawless..."

""You can tell she's a nice person just by looking at her" "I knew she'd be nice and kind" wtf"

"6. Many students admired her for her kindness and humility. lmao"

"I attended the same academy because I am a music major. I recall her attending two separate vocal and dancing academies. It's fascinating to watch her make her debut."

"Anyone would want to be friends with her. Pretty and pleasant."


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