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  • Karina Lee


Break yourself before your w-w-w-reck yourself.

Mnet's upcoming dance competition series 'Street Man Fighter' has issued an audition call for dancers who are not currently affiliated with a recognized dance crew.

'Street Man Fighter,' the male counterpart to the hit series 'Street Woman Fighter,' premiered in 2021 and is a fierce dance competition pitting some of Korea's best male dance crews against one another. Numerous renowned male dance crews are expected to compete for the title of 'Best Dance Crew' in 2022.

Along with well-known, established dance crews, 'Street Man Fighter' is looking for dancers who are not currently affiliated with a dance crew but wish to showcase their skills and talents on the 'Street Man Fighter' stage. The program is currently accepting applications from contestants interested in auditioning as a solo dancer between March 4 and April 8.

Those interested in auditioning will be required to create their own, unique choreography for a designated song and then upload it to SNS. Solo dancers who pass the audition will form their own crew, dubbed 'Project Dance Crew,' and will appear as a temporary crew on 'Street Man Fighter.

Meanwhile, Mnet's upcoming series 'Street Man Fighter' is scheduled to premiere in summer 2022.


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