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  • Karina Lee


My mans counting fans he doesn't even have yet.

'Street Man Fighter', the spinoff to 'Street Woman Fighter' has faced tailwinds even before the show's airing due to the Monika controversy, where literally a hundred dancers attacked Monika for saying words 'Popping' and 'Poppin', is interchangeable. Yeah, we know.

Show runners have already come out to say that 'Street Man Fighter' has been delayed due to the controversy. Well, it seems the dancers aren't minding the controversy. In fact, they seem to be embracing it. And fans are not having it.

A dancer who is suspected to be on the show, going by the IG handle 'TheWacoon' wrote, "Guy stop cursing, I'm going on 'Street Man Fighter', and I'm going to have fans who will get revenge. Seriously... stop cursing it really hurts me F**k."

IG @TheWacoon

Another dancer whose IG handle is '_yejun__' wrote, "You know you're gonna be my fans when I come out on the show. Stop playing hard to get."

Netizens are furious at the fact that the dancers who attacked another female dancer for something as trivial as 'poppin', is brushing off the controversy. Netizens responded with scathing comments,

"Wow, he said we were 'playing hard to get', honestly I think 'Street Man Fighter' is going to have a lot of villains and even if they get fans the controversy (Monika) is going to hold back their career", "They think they're going to get fans for just showing up on 'Street Man Fighter', don't they know they'll need, looks + skills + personality?", "He said he's going to get revenge when he has fans... LOL his mind is already in the gutter", "First of all dude looks like YumDDA LOL", "Where does the guy get his confidence from? Even if you were the creator of 'Pop' 'Ping', I wouldn't be your fan.

Fans further added,

"You create hype with women and then bring the men. LOL but don't they know, shows with men that do well are 'producer series' and trot competition shows. Women only like good looking men who charm women for votes",

"He said we'd be fans when he comes on the show LOL Wow his confidence LOL If I were him I'd think about what I said and kick myself LOL"

"Guys please don't watch the show, lets make the ratings hit rock bottom"

"Seriously sucks, ok I'm not watching"

"Why this guy treating his imaginary fans so bad?"

Yikes, Mnet, you might have a problem.


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