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Be Safe

Group Stray Kids' members Changbin and Han have been diagnosed with COVID throwing a wrench into their long-awaited album promotions just a day after their comeback.

JYP Entertainment announced on the 19th through a fan community, "Members Changbin (real name Seo Changbin) and Han (Han Jisung) tested positive for COVID-19."

Changbin's self-diagnosis kit test the previous morning before attending the pre-recording test came out negative, but the test conducted in the afternoon was positive. Changbin has completed the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The agency explained, "Changbin does not have any special symptoms and is currently quarantined separating himself from other members.

Han had received his positive result from a PCR test conducted preemptively after Changbin was confirmed. The agency said, "Han has also completed the second dose of the vaccine and currently does not have any special symptoms.

Stray Kids made a comeback after releasing their new mini-album 'ODDINARY' the day before. This album contains a total of 7 songs including the title song 'MANIAC', 'Spider Web', and 'Charmer'.

Stray Kids is preparing for their new world tour 'MANIAC' with 15 concerts in 10 cities beginning next month. Starting with Seoul performances from April 30 to May 1, Kobe, Japan from June 11 to 12, Tokyo from 18 to 19, Newark, USA from 29, Chicago, July 1, Atlanta, 3rd, Fort, 6 Worth will tour Los Angeles on the 9th, Oakland on the 12th, Seattle on the 14th, and Tokyo, Japan on the 26th-27th. In addition to the 10 regions, additional regions will be disclosed in the future.


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