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  • Karina Lee


The group is a darkhorse in the fourth generation.

Group STAYC has captivated K-pop fans around the world with 'RUN2U'.

The title song 'Run to You' of StayC's second mini-album 'Young-LUV.COM' topped the weekly chart of 'Korea's Top 100' released by YouTube Music, a global music streaming platform, on the 28th of last month. occupied

In addition to 'Run to You', all of the title songs released by STAY C after their debut, such as 'Sunglasses' at 34th, 'ASAP' at 35th, and 'SO BAD' at 88th, all succeeded in charting.

Not only that, the music video for 'Run to You' topped the YouTube Music Global Chart 'Top 100 Popular Music Videos in Korea'. Here, StayC charted a total of five videos, including a showcase performance video for the release of ‘’, a Wonder K special clip video, and a ‘Sunglasses’ music video.

Stay C, which has maintained a strong presence on YouTube, the music and video platform used by netizens around the world, is expected to demonstrate the potential of a K-pop rookie that the world is paying attention to through various activities and contents.

STAYC's second mini-album '' recorded the Initial Chodong sales of 153,301 copies as a result of Hanteo Chart, a domestic album sales site, (based on the count from February 21st to February 27th), breaking its own record for the best Initial Chodong sales. did.

In addition, immediately after its release with the title song 'Run to You', it entered the top spot on major real-time music charts in Korea, and ranked at the top of the iTunes Worldwide Album Chart and 13 regional album charts, a global music streaming platform. The music video for 'Run to You' is continuing its popularity, reaching 30 million views on YouTube as of the morning of the 1st.


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