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  • Cole Yoon

#SQUIDGAME Is Being Played IRL Everywhere Except Here

Irony doesn't only exist in thrift store!

Netflix's 'Squid Game' is a legit international sensation at this point as Netflix announced the South Korean hit thriller as the most watched series in the company's history. Pretty crazy. Appropriately the nostalgic games that were played in the show are currently being played by real life players all over the world... except where the games and show was created. South Korea.

Due to covid restrictions, gatherings of over 4 are no allowed in the country although very soon that number will be extended to 8. However, with the world seemingly becoming accustomed to living with Covid, and viral pictures and news of the games being played in countries all over the world, people here are expressing the sad irony that they aren't able to take part in their own creation.


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