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  • Juice Shin


And the plot thickens.

Sponsors are pulling out of JTBC's 'Snowdrop' due to the history revision controversy. According to one sponsor, through an official statement, they didn't know the script when making the sponsorship agreement.

Furniture brand Milliens Design Studio on December 20 stated, "The production company asked us to sponsor them without conveying anything about the drama plot. They only informed us of the actors who would be appearing and promised us the drama would be a hit hence we agreed."

After the agreement the design studio stated, "We contacted them several times to receive a synopsis of the drama however they never responded. We shared our concerns with the revision controversy before the airing of the drama but was told that there would be no controversy once the drama airs. We had no choice but to believe them", the studio added.

What's even more, the furniture used in the drama were returned destroyed, "We were only able to have the furniture returned to us months after first lending it to them and they were returned destroyed. We haven't received any compensation of course", stated the furniture store. The furniture store finally apologized saying they should have done a more thorough due diligence.

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