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  • Karina Lee


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A controversy has erupted over an original song from the finale of MBC's girl group audition program 'My Teenage Girl.' As (G)I-DLE member SOYEON is featured and credited on the song she has been receiving criticism for allegedly plagiarizing ATEEZ.

On February 28 KST, KQ Entertainment issued a statement in response to speculation that the song "SUN" from 'My Teenage Girl' sounded similar to ATEEZ's 2019 single "WAVE."

"On the 27th, following the broadcast of the Challenge Team's 'SUN' stage performance in the first round of MBC's 'My Teenage Girl' finale, a number of reports were received via our company's official channels and webmaster e-mail address that the song was similar to ATEEZ's 'WAVE,' which was released in 2019, and its chorus melody," the agency stated in a press statement.

"While monitoring relevant content, we discovered that 'Eden-ary,' our producing team [which worked on 'WAVE,'] was listed in the credits information for 'SUN," they continued. "Our company wishes to inform you that there appears to have been no prior discussion with 'Eden-ary.'"

"In the spirit of respect for creators who engage in unique work activities, we hope this misinformation is quickly corrected," they concluded. "And please avoid making hasty assumptions about it."

Meanwhile, "SUN" also features (G)I-Soyeon DLE's and Pop Time.

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