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Storybook ending.

FEB 10, through VAST ENTERTAINMENT'S IG account, HYUN BIN has announced his engagement to girlfriend and fellow actress SON YEJIN!

Hyun Bin on this day, wrote:

Hello this is Hyunbin
I hope you are well.
I would like to share with fans who have supported me, the most important decision I have ever made.
Do some of you know already know?
Yes. I have decided to get married, starting the second half of my life.
I have promised the woman who always makes me laugh.
To be together during the days to come.
Like in the drama, Jung Hyuk and seri will take that step forward together.
Thank you for all your support, I trust you will support this step we are taking together,
I hope you are healthy until we meet again,
I wish you happiness.

Son also wrote on her account, "I have found the person I want to spend forever with. Yes.. it is who you think"

Son also has reported to have said HYUNBIN as her first true love in an upcoming episode of YOO QUIZ ON THE BLOCK.

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