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  • Juice Shin


Even for her life isn't perfect.

Son Ye Jin arrived as a special guest on the latest episode of tvN's 'You Quiz On The Block' to promote her upcoming drama 'Thirty, Nine.'

On this day, Son Ye Jin said that she has appeared in only 30 films during her 22-year acting career. She stated, "There aren't a lot of films starring actresses. Nobody told me to take on the weight, but I feel as though I was carrying it alone."

Son Ye Jin revealed that every time she went to the restroom to wash her hands, she felt like a surgeon preparing for surgery, and she described how she would prepare for filming. She stated, "When I'm filming an emotionally charged moment, I have to exert control over my mind. When I go to wash my hands, I even get reverent. This is how I prepare myself to respond appropriately. I give it my all during filming, just as a boxer would when entering the ring."

Son Ye Jin also revealed that she would wake up at 6 or 7 a.m. daily and stroll around a park listening to music a few days before filming an emotional scene. She stated that she would be concerned and shared, "I'm constantly afraid, wondering, 'Can I do this well?' What if my emotions falter while filming?' I've wanted to flee numerous times." She continued, "The disadvantage of this career is that you will have no one to assist you. Once you're in front of the camera, it's quite lonely. It was a constant state of wanting to flee, yet I needed to do this assignment greatly."

Son Ye Jin had aspired to be an actor since she was in middle school and was fortunate enough to make her film debut. She has past her twenties and is already in her forties in the blink of an eye. Son Ye Jin expressed her distress and added, "I possess both a sense of duty for a project and the necessary acting abilities. I am required to demonstrate an enhanced version of myself, yet there is a limit to how far I can evolve. I believe there are norms and expectations that I must meet, which makes it difficult for me."

The actress explained that the load has increased over time, unlike when she was a novice and solely focused on performing. Son Ye Jin communicated, "I'm having trouble sleeping a month before the film's premiere. I am well aware that my inability to sleep does not guarantee the film's success, but I get so concerned when I consider the crew people and other actors who put in so much effort. I'm concerned, thinking, 'What if the film is a terrible failure?' As a result, this tension is perpetually repeated."


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