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  • Cole Yoon


Is this the final straw for PANDAS?

Apink actress turned Son Naeun is facing even more backlash due to her sitting out of Apink promotions. DC Tribe, a more selective and much more influential online community, had a lot to say, especially in the APINK galleries where the fans seem like this was the final straw.

Title: "You should've said it from the beginning"

"If she said from the very beginning she had a follow up drama then most would have understood however after hyping up the fact that there would be a full member comeback and that APINK is a different girl group, she drops out for a follow up drama"

"At the end of the day we are idiots for waiting"

"We hurt most"

"Her fans trusted her most look how she turns her back"

"Even if she would have left the group when signing with YG we would have understood and rooted for her, but not like this"

"Really disappointed in her, I hope she understands that it isn't the ANTI's but HER FANS that have turned their backs to her"

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