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Whirlwind romances are the best type of romances.

Couple Son Dam Bi and retired national speed skater Lee Kyu Hyuk will be getting married in May

On January 25 KST, singer Son Dam Bi took to her personal Instagram to let fans in on the good news, writing:

"Hello. This is Son Dam Bi. After contemplating on how to tell you, I [decided to] write this because I want to inform you personally, not through someone else's words. I have someone whom I want to share my life with. When we're together I become the closest to the real me, and when we're together I end up smiling. In May, I will be marrying the person who has helped me to realize what happiness is . I am so grateful to my fans, who have always supported me with a consistent heart since my debut. I am so happy these days with the support of the people I love. ^^ Thank you so much.

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