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  • Karina Lee

Son Dam Bi and BF Lee Kyu Hyuk's Past Scandals Come Back To Light


As reports are flying about Son Dam Bi and her BF, retired skater Lee Kyu Hyuk, the scandals these two love birds have been involved with are coming back to light. Especially as reports say Son Dam Bi has been involved with her bf since the beginning of the year. Netizens are bringing up the scandal that she was involved in this past August, when she was reportedly scammed into dating a charlatan who gifted her with Hermes hand bags and bought her a Porsche. Only to leave her for Ryeo Won and even asked Son Dam Bi to return all the gifts! The man eventually was arrested for stealing millions from investors. Son claimed she did receive the gifts but returned them as part of the man's criminal probe. She denies ever dating him however. Son Dam Bi and Ryeo Won, once best friends are no longer talking.

Youtuber '이슈있쥬' also reports Lee Kyu Hyuk, the singer's now BF, is said to have been involved with Choi Soon Sil's niece's business. Also in Dec 1994, during a skating event in Japan, Lee is said to have assaulted a female Japanese skater.



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