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  • Cole Yoon

Somi Admits Rumors She Had Been Spoiled By Fame | ENG Sub

Here's how she got back.

Somi on youtube show MMTG explained how she had become spoiled by fame and how she came back to her senses. The show host asked her how, where Somi explained 'you can't help but get used to being pampered by stylist and makeup artists, "I felt I had to look perfect 24/7 and it was other peoples' job to help me. I forgot that there is a difference between asking someone for a favor and telling someone to do something."

When asked how did she realize this, she responded "I heard a rumor about me being rude and it hit me like, have I been acting like this?" she says she has learned from then on to be more humble and down to earth. Who loves her honesty?! We do!


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