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  • Mary Kim


The ladies are so underrated.

Solji of EXID sat down for a video interview on February 25 to commemorate the release of her debut mini-album 'First Letter.'

Solji, the group EXID's lead vocalist, established her singing ability by winning numerous music competitions such as 'the Mask Singer' and 'Duet Song Festival.' After a year and six months, the talented singer returns with the release of her debut mini-album. 

Solji's debut mini-album as a solo singer, 'First Letter,' features songs that showcase her sensible and diverse vocal range.

Solji expressed her feelings about her comeback on this day, explaining, "I wanted to meet with fans sooner, but the hiatus inevitably grew longer." I felt remorseful toward my fans and desired to meet them as soon as possible. I'm overjoyed and excited. I was excited and wanted to release [the album] immediately, but I was also overwhelmed," Solji explained. I had high expectations for this mini-album, as it was my first. I was overcome with emotion as I considered how I would greet the fans once more. Additionally, I was excited because I would be releasing a physical copy of the album and wanted to have it in my hands as soon as possible. This is the first time I'm preparing everything on my own, and while I was excited, I felt the weight on my shoulders." 

Solji showered adoration for EXID. She explained that her title track was named "At the end of the season" by Jeonghwa and Hani. "While discussing the title with company personnel, there were a lot of options on the list," she explained. However, after speaking with Jeonghwa and Hani, I discovered that they both enjoyed "At the end of the season." They also expressed enthusiasm for the song and expressed their support for me." 

Additionally, the singer revealed, "I believe EXID is me. While I am meeting fans as a soloist, I am also EXID's Solji, as is Soul G. Both are priceless. EXID is a priceless team that has helped us gain widespread recognition, and it is a team that I adore."

Solji stated in regards to reuniting with the group, "I have a lot of affection for the EXID members." When we released our previous album, we decided to go our separate ways first and then reunite. We haven't discussed the album in detail, but we have discussed when we should return." 

Meanwhile, Solji made her musical debut in 2006 with the group 2NB, marking her 17th year in the industry. She reflected on her past and explained how much she had changed. She was only 18 years old at the time of her debut and explained that she debated whether it would be acceptable for her to debut without perfecting her vocals. She explained that over the course of 17 years, her vocal chords, mind, and everything else matured. She added that the process by which she selects and sings the songs has changed as well, but she feels more refined.


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