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On the 7th, 'SNL Korea Season 2' announced an additional 10 episodes, and at the same time announced the appearance of the 11th host Jung Il-woo and the 12th host Jae-beom Park.

Following the 10th host Oh Nara, which will be aired on the 12th, Jung Il-woo will appear in the 11th, which will be aired on the 19th. Since his debut in the popular sitcom 'High Kick', Jung Il-woo has demonstrated his delicate acting skills by continuing his solid work in dramas 'The Moon Embracing the Sun', 'The Night Watchman's Journal', and 'Bossam - Stealing Destiny'. Jung Il-woo, who has usually sniped women's hearts with his gentle charisma, is planning to aim the laughter button of viewers with his unstoppable reversal charm that he has never seen before.

In episode 12, which will be aired on the 26th, Jay Park leads the show. Jay Park, a hip-hop and R&B musician and a producer with outstanding skills, has built his own unique domain. Jay Park, who was active as a blue-chip in the entertainment industry with his unusual wit and sense, has already created numerous famous scenes by playing an active role as a crew member as well as a host in 'SNL Korea'.

As he led the show by working with the crew including crew members such as Shin Dong-yup, Jeong Sang-hoon, and Kim Min-kyo for a long time, great attention is focused on what kind of performance he will perform in 'SNL Korea', which has returned after a long time.

In response, Jay Park said, "As a long-time fan and colleague of 'SNL Korea', I am very moved to be working together again. I will do my best to provide an upgraded pleasure." lose

'SNL Korea Season' is released every Saturday at 10 PM on Coupang Play.


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