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  • Mary Kim


As one sun sets, another rise.

FREEZIA'S banishment to the furthest nether regions of 'Cancel Land' has wrought collateral cancellations to many of her associates. Her boss Kang Ye Won, HyoWon CNC her label, and Park Jihyun her labelmate and fellow influencer are just a few names deemed guilty by association to Korea's once hottest influencer. However, there is someone, for whom her demise has brought the opposite effect, Single's Inferno fellow castmate Shin Ji Yeon is now Korea's hottest influencer.

Shin Ji Yeon, once dragged on domestic and international online communities for being the quintessential Korean beauty, has seen her career skyrocket since FREEZIA'S fall to grace. The influencer was invited by Chanel to the fashion house's 22 S/S ready-to-wear line show, an invitation literally coveted by all in Korea's entertainment industry, and has domestic brands itching to work with the influencer. Industry sources tell us she has been crowned as the new IT girl, and brands have taken notice with even many of the sponsors who once worked with FREEZIA waiting on 'optics' to improve for them to jump ship to the Shin Ji Yeon bandwagon.

The influencer has also become Korean media's go-to 'It' girl. The influencer was once ignored by liberal media outlets who preferred FREEZIA to champion the '21st century' modern Korean women, now is covered by all media outlets around the clock.

As news of Park Ji Hyun also being found guilty of wearing counterfeit designers, there isn't really anyone to threaten Shin Ji Yeon's rise. Whether this will last is to be seen however as Korea's spotlight is often bright, hot, and quickly bored. Do you think Shin Ji Yeon will be able to leverage the attention on her now and turn it into a career?


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