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  • Cole Yoon


Updated: Jan 25, 2022

All this drama got me all 'moody chested'.

One of the most curious influencers whose career took a nosedive from 'Single's Inferno' is Kim Hyun Joong, who ultimately 'won' the heart of FREEZIA on the show.

The influencer was previously dragged for his timely 'unfollow' of FREEZIA with netizens saying he only cares about self-preservation. This time he is being dragged for his cringey comments on a youtube video about, you guessed it, Kim Hyung Joong. What's worst, he showed his Korean isn't very good while doing so.

On a post called, "Kim Hyung Joon is a real TURN OFF",

The poster uploaded a screenshot of Kim Hyung Joong's comment on a youtube video about his body language with FREEZIA, writing, "Wow I found about this video through a friend and it gave me chills." THE CRINGE.

When the YouTuber commented asking if he really was Kim Hyun Joong, he answered,

"Wow how did you know, you're the first person to find me so easily, it gave me a moody chest. Thank you"

Netizens were quick to react, as 'moody chest' is not a real Korean phrase. It seems he meant to say, "touched my heart" which sounds similar.

Commenters wrote:

"Park Chan Yul the non celebrity version"

"Comments are super funny lol"

"Moody chested Kim Hyun Joong are you destined to be discgraced?"

"What the hell does moody chest even mean?"

"Seriously a turn off"

"Seems like he really didn't read much lol moody chested- this is the first time I'm hearing that phrase in my life"

"Doesn't he mean, touched my heart? Moody? Right, he is a jock right?


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