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  • Mary Kim



Choi Si Hun, a contestant on 'Single's Inferno, addressed recent claims that he worked at a host bar. 

Choi Si Hun rose to prominence and fame following his role on the hit Netflix reality show 'Single's Inferno. Not only has he amassed a large following in Korea, but he has also amassed a sizable following outside with his romantic charms. He garnered widespread notice for his unwavering love for Song Ji Ah, which he continued to express on the show. 

He recently discussed his experience on the show in an interview, explaining, "I wanted to really appreciate the moment, and we were stranded on an island, so I was entirely absorbed." He also responded to viewers' comments, stating that they were surprised by his final pick. "I didn't go on the show to be forced to date someone," he explained, "therefore I felt it was appropriate for me to choose the person I liked the best."

With the success of 'Single's Inferno,' there were also rumors about Choi Si Hun. On this day, he addressed the allegation and stated, "The photographs of me taken during my part-time jobs were manipulated and photoshopped to create the impression that I worked at a host bar. I've worked a variety of part-time jobs. I worked in convenience stores and performed a variety of tasks, but I never did anything wrong." "Even though I lived a rough life earning only 2,000,000 KRW (1,671. USD) for two years while training to be an actor," he stated, "I don't want my efforts to be criticized."

Choi Si Hun said that it had been five years since he began acting, explaining, "Even if I would starve to death, I desired to perform, and therefore it has been five years since I began working as an actor." "I am betting my life on acting," he concluded, "and because I have nothing to lose, I have nothing to fear." He then explained that he hopes to greet supporters this year with a worthwhile initiative.

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