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  • Karina Lee


But why.

STAYC's Sieun was nearly knocked down on February 23 when she was seen wearing shoes that were too large for her. Fans expressed concern for her well-being.

In contrast to the other members, who were seen wearing shoes that were both comfortable and form-fitting, Sieun was seen wearing high heels that were clearly too big for her feet and legs. It was a video of Sieun almost falling while walking towards the SBS building to record a radio show that caused the most consternation among fans. The large high heels caused Sieun to lose her balance and almost fall after twisting her ankle, which was captured on camera.

Even before Sieun was seen on the verge of falling, she was seen walking much more slowly than the other members and appearing to be clearly uncomfortable. Therefore, many fans congregated in an online community to express their displeasure with the stylist who had dressed the girl band.


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