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  • Cole Yoon


The age old debate commences for the N'teenth time.

Netflix Korea's new dating show, 'Single's Inferno' is reigniting a debate amongst Korean men that is old as time. The dilemma over sexy vs cute women.

The dating show features two heroines that these spirited keyboard alpha males are squabbling over: popular influencer Song Zia and Shin Ji Yeon.

Song Zia, captivated the male contestants and Korean male netizens alike with her confidence and glamorous aura. She dominated the first impression voting among male contestants with three votes. Fans commented, "She is perfect", "Wow her visuals are impossible to beat", and "Everything about her is so fine".

Shin Ji Yeon was the other contestant that garnered the most attention. Male contestants were instantly drawn to her cute appearance and girl next door charms. Ji Yeon was recipient of one vote, however by the end of the second episode there seemed to be a number of courters. Fans of the contestant wrote, "She is the best hands down", and "I like the innocent type like her".

'Single's Inferno' is a new dating show on Netflix Korea. The show features contestants living on a deserted island devoid of most worldly comforts while contestants that make a connection are able to date in 'Couple's Paradise', in a five star resort with all the bells and whistles.

Who makes it out of the island with a newfound love? You'll have to watch to find out.


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