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  • Cole Yoon


He loves them and they love him.

Seventeen's Mingyu is getting praised for his attitude towards his fan.

In a post titled, "What is this Mingyu?", a netizen posten an interview he had conducted where he was asked, "How do you maintain your passion that you had when you first debuted?" To which he answered, "I get satisfaction from being loved. It isn't finishing an album that give me satisfaction. Our job is to be loved by our fans and interest from the public. Just because I worked hard doesn't guarantee the fans will love it. Our job doesn't have numbers or goals in numbers. You can't measure the love carats give us. I get satisfaction from pleasing them so the satisfaction is immeasurable. It makes me want to get better and it's what makes me feel I need to work harder.

The interviewer then asks, "Are you saying you don't feel entitled to your fans' love?" To which Mingyu replied, "I don't think there is an idol that takes their fans' love for granted. If there is I want to tell them they picked the wrong occupation."

Fans are saying that the idol's answeres were touching and shows how much he cares for his fans.

"I'm not his fan but his answers are cool AF. I think there are many idols that take their fans for granted"

"That's why there are so many legendary clips of him"

"Kim Mingyu really cares for his fans.. ㅠ He communicates often with them, is good at his job and expresses his love often..."

"Even more to like about him is that he is known to help staff members clean up after like he did in this years 'Golden Disk Awards'."


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