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  • Cole Yoon


Sore losers or do they have a point?

January 24, NCT 127 won the 'Daesang' or the 'Grand Prize' at the 31st Seoul Music Awards held on the 23rd, and netizens and fans alike are not happy about it.

Upon winning, NCT 127 members stated, "We did not expect such a big award. All our members worked really hard and I think it would have been impossible without them"

However after the award show, fans and netizens took to message boards to show their disapproval. On an online community, netizens wrote,

"It wasn't BTS who sold the most albums or IU who sold the most records, it was NCT 127 who couldn't even get on the 'best selling' lists that won daesang. How does that make any sense?
"The best NCT 127 did was placed fifth on Hanteo Charts once, if you look at albums it should have been BTS, by records, it should have been IU"
"Seoul Music Awards need to show us how they came up with NCT 127"

Other Netizens on a different online community wrote, "NCT DREAM had way better numbers than NCT 127, why did NCT 127 win the Daesang?" and "It doesn't make sense that a different artist didn't win"

What are your thoughts, do they have a point? Who is your Daesang?


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