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  • Karina Lee


Free Agent!

Seolhyun, an AOA member, is in the process of renegotiating her contract with her current agency, FNC Entertainment.

In a phone call with 'Dispatch' on the 23rd, a FNC Entertainment representative stated, "The contract period with Seolhyun remains and we're discussing renewing the contract, leaving many options open."

For the last decade, Seolhyun has been a member of FNC Entertainment. She made her AOA debut in 2012. She has received a lot of love as the group's visual center and has gained a lot of fans due to her commanding presence on stage.

Seolhyun has also been expanding her filmography and establishing herself as an actor. She has appeared in films such as 'Gangnam Blues,' 'Memoir of a Murderer,' and 'The Great Battle,' as well as dramas such as 'Seoyoung, My Daughter,' 'Orange Marmalade,' 'My Country: The New Age,' and 'Day and Night.'

Meanwhile, Seolhyun is gearing up for her role in tvN's upcoming drama 'The Murderer's Shopping List.' This year, the work is scheduled to air.


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