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  • Cole Yoon


Angel of ALL.

AOA'S Seolhyun is well known as one of Korea's most beautiful celebrities. The singer and actress have been regarded as a top visual for more than a decade and may well single-handedly be responsible for changing Korea's beauty standard.

Knowing this, her fans were shocked and thrilled when the idol went on Bubble and told her fans in detail her current body weight and her dieting tips!

I can show it to you~ who cares ~ it's just us
Take TMI all the way to BMI between us

You want to know how to lose weight?
Drink 2 liters of water
If you really do this, you'll lose 1KG in a week
But it has to be water, don't mix it with anything like coffee
If this is too hard
You won't be able to lose weight ㅠㅠ
Of all the ways to lose weight this is the easiest
I take a tumbler with me everywhere and try to drink a full tumbler's worth of water four times a day

Someone asked how to lose belly fat
You have to eat a clean diet!!
If you're trying to lose belly fat you can't drink alcohol
If you want to lose weight below your waist, you have to diet for a long period of time
If you diet and quit, you'll gain it all back
And your arm fat?
It's impossible to lose
Whatever you eat! As long as you stay within your caloric limit you won't gain weight!!
But you still want to balance out what you want to eat
Do you really want to drink that much?
Drink Non-alcoholic beer
Or go all out one day and stop drinking for a while
Drink until you never want to drink again

Fans are touched at Seolhyun for taking time out of her day to communicate with fans. Do you guys use Bubble? Is it worth it?


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