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  • Cole Yoon


When your 'A1' is your 'Day1'.

Seohyun of Girls' Generation revealed she wasn't truly happy when she debuted. 

Seohyun made a guest appearance on the February 19th episode of MBC's 'Point of Omniscient Interference' and discussed her daily life. Seohyun met Lee Hwan Hee during this episode, who has known Seohyun since they were both 12 years old. Seohyun introduced her as someone who is intimately familiar with her. They met as trainees and pre-debut Girls' Generation members at SM.

 Throughout this episode, she expressed her gratitude for a long-time friend. Seohyun explained to Lee Hwan Hee: "To be completely candid, I felt bad. I was unable to contact you or visit you as frequently as I would have liked due to my busy schedule. However, you were constantly thinking about me. I'm in the mood to cry. I'm overjoyed to have you in my life." 

Seohyun also revealed that she was unable to contact Lee Hwan Hee following Lee Hwan Hee's decision not to debut as a Girls' Generation member. As Seohyun stated, "For days, I was unable to communicate with her. I couldn't be truly happy after learning that only I was chosen to make my debut. Indeed, I was dissatisfied. I was apologetic and on the verge of crying. I was afraid to approach her." 

Additionally, she stated, "However, she then reached out to me first, expressing her congratulations. I feel as though I've lived well as a result of this one friend."


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