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Not a good look.

According to reports from March 3 media outlets, actress Seo Ye Ji (31) is facing backlash online following incidents of conflict with her parents' neighbors.

Earlier this week, an anonymous netizen claimed to be neighbors with Seo Ye Ji's parents and wrote a lengthy post detailing several encounters with Seo Ye Ji's family.

According to an anonymous internet user, 'A,' "Seo Ye Ji's parents installed dog gates around a stairwell shared by all villa residents, obstructing others from using the stairs and causing conflict with the other neighbors.

Seo Ye Ji's father even pushed people in a threatening manner during this conflict.

" 'A' then continued, "Seo Ye Ji visited her parents' house approximately three times a week, but each time, she parked her vehicle in front of other people's cars, preventing them from exiting. This pattern continued for four years."

Additionally, 'A' stated, "Initially, when I inquired as to whether she was actress Seo Ye Ji, she stated that she was not. However, she later brought a lawyer. The attorney listened to all of the disagreements that had occurred over the previous four years and apologized for everything. However, Seo Ye Ji did not appear to mean the apology. She informed me that her parents would be leaving the villa and also inquired, 'Are you sure you're not going to write about this online?'"

A representative for Seo Ye Ji's label, Gold Medalist, confirmed that portions of 'A's assertions were accurate. According to the representative, "The issue arose as a result of miscommunications. When Seo Ye Ji's family learned of the complaints, they apologized to all of the neighbors involved. Seo Ye Ji's family relocated shortly afterwards. Whether or not an apology appears genuine is subjective. The situation has been resolved." 

Meanwhile, Seo Ye Ji is gearing up to resume her acting career with her new tvN drama 'Eve' following a year-long hiatus. Seo Ye Ji recently dedicated a letter of apology to the public for the controversy surrounding ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun in light of her return.

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