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  • Karina Lee


Better late than never, but never late is better.

Previously, Seo Ye Ji, who was embroiled in a scandal with her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun, was spotted at tvN's upcoming drama "Eve" script reading on February 25.

However, as a result of the controversy, there have been criticisms of Seo Ye Ji's quiet return without taking a position or issuing an apology. 

The production team also responded to the casting of Seo Ye Ji in the role, saying, "We felt that strong acting abilities and immersion were necessary given the character's characteristics. Seo Ye-ji is an energizing actor capable of submerging herself in powerful images and characters. She analyzed the script more thoroughly than anyone else from the first meeting. She expressed a range of emotions, demonstrating a strong understanding of the character and an extraordinary passion for the work, which were key factors in confirming the casting."

Following that, Gold Medalist, Seo Ye Ji's agency, conveyed Seo Ye Ji's apologies. The complete apology statement is as follows:

"How are you? My name is Seo Yeji. To begin, I would like to express my sincere regret for reaching out in writing this late. I had time to reflect on myself during this time period as I examined the reprimands and numerous stories directed at me. I would like to express my sincere regret for causing concern to so many people as a result of my incompetence. Once again, I apologize profusely for causing so much disappointment. Everything stems from my immaturity, and in the future, I will strive to act more maturely and demonstrate my mature self."


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