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  • Cole Yoon

Seo In Young's Come Back Is Not Going To Plan. YIKES

Korean netizens don't forgive that easily

Seo In Young, once a highly sought after star before cursing her way out the industry returned to the latest episode of "It's on us" to a not so warm reception. As you can see in the clip above, fans are not very happy for her return. Seo quells rumors long following her reputation as scary, saying "No I never bullied IU in the bathroom" and "No, Jessie and I are friends and never fought (physically)".

Fans however is giving her the cold shoulder with many commenting that they do not want to see her or simply they no longer care for her. Seo In Young was embroiled in controversy when leaked audio of her cursing out the staff of a variety show leaked, followed by accusations from the staff that she was not easy to work with.


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