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  • Karina Lee


I'm stanning all of them so...

Male idol fans are expected to outnumber female idol fans, and female idol fans outnumber male fans. This is not entirely true, as evidenced by a recent ratio of female to male fans who purchase girl group albums.

Aladin Music recently compiled data on their online customers who purchased albums and calculated the ratio of female to male fans who purchased girl idol albums.

According to this list, Brave Girls had the highest percentage of male fans who purchased their album at 88.7 percent, while STAYC had the highest percentage of female fans at 76.9 percent. Of course, there were a few idol groups whose albums were purchased equally by males and females.

"Oh wow, I had no idea STAYC was so popular with females," one netizen commented. "STAYC is a pleasant surprise," "I assumed Kep1er would have a larger male following, but apparently not," "I had no idea Cherry Bullet had a majority of male fans," "There are a surprising number of female idols who have a larger female following than male fans," "I assumed MAMAMOO would have the most female fans," and "This is an interesting list."

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