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  • Cole Yoon

SBS Under Fire For 'ILBE' Allegations Again

How many times is this?

SBS is under fire once again with another accusation of promoting 'ILBE' a misogynistic right wing community. During the most recent episode of 'The Butlers', the show featured dancers from the hit show 'Street Woman Fighter'. The problem stems from when during a dance performance on the show, a caption was used written "Nuna I'm Dieing".

A common phrase in Korea's lexicon, the problem stems from the fact that the phrase is used on the misogynist web community 'Ilbe' and is used on sexually graphic or suggestic posts. More problematic is the fact that this is hardly the first time these allegations were levied on SBS programs. Running Man also faced similar and eventually apologized for 'Ilbe' related paraphernalia on the program. Also SBS News is widely known to skew right in the political spectrum. What do you think, is this a coincidence?


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