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  • Cole Yoon


IZONE Members Are Running The 4th Generation

This spring seems to belong to former IZONE members. Former members Ahn Yujin and Jang Wonyoung led IVE is set to return while Sakura and Kim Chae Won are set to debut with a new team. IZONE's fandom seems to expect great things from the new group, as they are slated for a monster debut.

As news of Sakura and Kim Chae Won joining Source Music is making huge waves, Japanese fans are also showing immense support as Sakura is one of Japan's top domestic idols.

Fans are patiently waiting to see who will be joining the team as well as the type of music the group will bring fans via their debut. Another newsworthy storyline is the fact that with the success of HYBE artists, BTS, TXT, and EN-HYPEN, fans are expecting the label's new girl group to be their sister counterpart and bring forth a synergy between the groups that are seldom seen under one label.

As Sakura and Kim Chae Won both have strong fandoms respectively, their combined forces will surely bring about a change in landscape in the upper tiers between female idols in KPOP.


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