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  • Karina Lee


Heart hurts.

On January 7, a post on an online community threw a wrench in many fan's hearts.

The post titled "The Idol who became a BJ on (R Rated Site)".

In the post, a picture of a streamer that strongly resembled ex Dia member Somyi was uploaded. Many former idols become streamers, however concerning was that the post alleges that Somyi was streaming for an adult streaming site where explicit acts took place.

Reaction from netizens were swift, writing:

"Not even Afreeca, but (R Rated Site)? Isn't that a weird site?", "She's been out of the group for some time, DIA emphasizes they are a six member group", "(youtube link) Sad when actual popular female idols live so luxuriously", "Must be sad for DIA fans", "She went to Afreeca but didn't do well so she moved to that site", "Somyi is like a real streamer now".

"Wow, saw her on 'The Unit' didn't know she became a streamer", "Can her mental take what goes on, on that site?", "I didn't upload because it will get deleted but since she joined (R Rated site) she dresses so provocatively", "She's trying to make money, don't knock her hustle. Instead root on the six girls who are protecting DIA's name. They are all pretty and are so nice to fans. They try so hard."


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