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  • Haein Kim

Retracing Virgil Abloh's Influences In Kpop

An industry mourns the dimming of one of its' guiding stars.

The world has lost one of its' most brilliant minds. Virgil Abloh has passed at 41. Despite our breaking hearts, we would like to pay homage by celebrating his influences in our industry. The artist/designer/architect/DJ will be thoroughly missed. Rest Easy King.


As Creative Director of one of the most powerful fashion houses in the world, Virgil chose BTS not only to be House Ambassador but also to model the mens FW 2021. The 21FW show received rave reviews for its' ingenuity with Vogue Magazine calling it a 'Game changer'. Appropriate.

2. Virgil x GD

The relationship will have influenced a whole generation

3. Pushed For Inclusivity In The Fashion World

Virgil used his power and influence as the head of LVMH for good. One of his many legacies is his push for inclusivity in the exclusive space at the top of fashion. He looked for opportunities for cultural exchanges between worlds, not just fashion and Kpop. By choosing BTS as house ambassadors for LVMH, the artist told the world BTS had his cosign, the most powerful validation in the industry.


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