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  • Karina Lee



Red Velvet, dubbed the "summer queens" by the general public for their smash single "Red Flavor," announced that they will be making a comeback in spring with a completely new, never-before-tried concept. Wendy clarified the situation as follows: "We decided to concentrate on the senses of sight and smell this spring. There's the floral aroma, and then there's the individual sights of each member. Fans may get the impression that there are flowers in the air when viewing our music video. For us, spring is a time of new beginnings, so it'll be an exciting time."

The ladies talked about how their new album, which sold more than 510,000 copies in pre-orders, made them "Half-Million-Sellers." Seulgi made the following statement: "After learning that pre-orders for our album had topped 510,000 copies, I woke up the next day feeling ecstatic. So many admirers came out to see us, and I wanted to spend time with them." 

A final word from Red Velvet about the newest round of comeback promotions. In Wendy's words, "In the early months of the year, it's common to hear "spring carols" being sung. This year, Red Velvet wants to perform the'spring carol' for the first time. If we succeed, we'll be referred to as "spring queens."" Seulgi remarked, 

" "Unfortunately, our solo show had to be postponed. Our solo concert this year, I'm hoping, will be safe. As I promote, I also aspire to maintain a healthy lifestyle." 

Here's what Joy let slip: "This year will be a big one for us in terms of comebacks. Red Velvet has the potential to become a perennial favorite." Irene went on to say, "Only one record has been released so far this year. We have a lot of music coming out this year, and I'm crossing my fingers that everyone in ReVeluvs stays well and has a great time together."


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