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  • Haein Kim

Rapper YumDDA Criticized For canceling San E 'On Show Me The Money'

There's BEEF! Who's cooking?

YumDDa the often funny 'rapper' is getting crucified online for eliminating one of Korea's greatest rapper. YumDDa who appeared as a judge on 'Show me the money' the hip hop competition show, with San-E as a contestant. After one of the rounds of the show YumDDa had a chance to choose one of two rappers, a middle school student or one of the most decorated rappers in Korea. He chose the middle school student and is getting flamed for taking things as a joke. Especially as he is seen in Korea rap as a caricature of hip hop ie: Yachty, than a serious rapper.

Worst for YumDDa is he has made derogatory comments to San-E in the past. So it is hard to say YumDDa's decision was objective.


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