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  • Cole Yoon

Rapper Wants Smoke With IU, Gets Flamed By Own Fans

Here's a story every 'Show Me The Money' contestant should read.

Pictured above is 'Unofficial Boy',he's very unofficial, this is how he looks now

This is how he used to look, he doesn't look like this anymore because he wants everyone to know how unofficial he is.

His music is..

He sounds like this, he's on a hit rapper show where he gets to tell people how unofficial he is.

He posted a song he was on for show me the money 10. It went number 1, songs from show me the money often go #1 immediately after the show. He writes he beats IU but says it disrespectfully.

This is IU, she's very "official" and is considered the best singer song writer of her generation

She sounds like heaven, because she's an angel.

So when fans found out "Unofficial Boy" dissed "IU" fans are "officially canceling him". Below is how fans reacted when a contestant on show me the money dissed IU.


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