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  • Mary Kim


Khiphop on the come up!

Rapper Changmo became the main character at the ‘2022 Korean Hip-Hop Awards’ (KHA), a hip-hop/R&B awards ceremony.

According to HIPHOPPLAYA and HIPHOPLE, which co-hosted the 'Korea Hip-Hop Awards' on the 11th, Changmo, who received favorable reviews for his 2nd full album 'UNDERGROUND ROCKSTAR' released in November last year, At this awards ceremony held the day before, it won 4 gold awards.

In particular, he received 'Artist of the Year', an award given to the artist with the greatest influence during the year. This is the fourth artist of the year award, following Jay Park, The Quiett, and Yeomda.

In addition, the hip-hop album of the year for 'Underground Rock Star' and the track 'Taeji' were awarded hip-hop track of the year and music video of the year.

After receiving the award, Changmo posted on social media, "I've worked hard in the scene for the past few years and it feels more precious because it's a gift I gave to you. "This stadium would not exist without the fans who love it and love its players."

Synth, who took second place in Mnet's 'Show Me the Money 10' and released the full album 'SINCE 16' as a VMC curation project, was selected as the New Artist of the Year.

Hip-hop group 'Hommies' won the Collaboration of the Year award for 'Siren Remix', which was released by adding the story of Paul Blanco and the Uneducated Kid to the hit song 'Siren'.

This year's R&B album was won by Dama's 'DON'T DIE COLORS', who digested the neo-sol genre in his own way. Lee Hi's 'ONLY' was selected as this year's R&B track.

In addition, the producer of the year was Sat-il, who produced a hit song in 'Show Me the Money 10' and released the regular album 'Curtain Call'. This year's label went to the Deja Vu group, which has been active in both quality and quantity over the past year, such as Bewhh, Kundi Panda, Choi LB, Son Simba, Bian, and Une.

KHA is Korea's first genre music awards ceremony. This year, it was held in a non-face-to-face pre-recording format. It was broadcast through NAVER NOW. Nucksal, Donmills and Gaeko participated as hosts, and the winners of each category appeared and shared their feelings.


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