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  • Mary Kim


How BAELLA got her groove back.

Choreographer Bae Yoon-jung (42) revealed she had gained 25 kg from pregnancy, but she lost 20 kg and has 5 more kilos to go on her youtube channel. In a livestream, Bae communicated with her subscribers and answered some of their questions.

When a netizen asked, "How much should you think about the cost of marriage when you get married?", Bae Yoon-Jung replied, "Every person is different, and it all depends on whether the wedding venue is small, only immediate family members, or 100 people."

In response to the pouring requests, she also revealed her 'silver button', which is given when reaching 100,000 YouTube subscribers.

Meanwhile, Bae Yoon-jung married her husband, who is 11 years younger than her in 2019. She gave birth in June of last year, when she was 42 years old in Korean age, she succeeded in getting pregnant with an IVF in 2020.

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