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  • Cole Yoon


She is dropping everything.

AfreecaTV streamer Lilka has retired due to a stalker.

The streamer left a letter on her home page.

According to the letter the streamer wrote "I contemplated doing one last stream but ultimately I decided not to. I've been streaming for five years, no matter how to think about I am extremely lucky and have great people around me but all that means little compared to what I am going through".

She continued, "Since August my life has been the most difficult. This time I am letting everything go and rest. I am constantly nervous and I can't get any rest. It is mentally draining and it's difficult with all this stress and I have lost the people I counted on".

She further stated "So I am going to rest. I am leaving all this behind and run away to live. I don't know what I'll be doing or what I can do but I need to rest. Wherever you guys are please be happy. Happiness is short so I hope you are happy often.

Lilka has been struggling with a stalker for the better part of this last year.


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