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  • Cole Yoon



Lisa left for Paris as earlier reported. Today, the singer's appearance on the way to the airport has gone viral with fans chiming in. Decked out in Celine, Lisa already seems she is in the spirit to celebrate in Paris. Netizens reactions below!

Netizens wrote:

"I liked her signature pink hair but she seemed to have changed it lol"

"Her clothes are so nice ha.."

"The fact that each member are going to their own brand's respective fashion show in Paris separately is so cool, I think ROSE can't go cause of COVID"

"If we are talking proportions, no one can hate on her, she has a small face and arms and legs are so long she's literally a doll"

"She's fresh AF"

"Queen Lisa is always so busy ㅠㅠ"

"No matter what, I don't think LISA is ever going to disappoint us cause she has such a sweet personality. Looking at Blackpink you can tell Lisa and Rose is so sweet"

"She did all the poses asked of her by fans and journalists, she's so cute and sweet"

"To me, LISA is the prettiest of the 3rd generation, her proportions are on a different level, offstage she's so sweet and cute but on stage she's super strong, she has so many sides to her"

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