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  • Juice Shin

Park Shin Hye's Fiance Choi Tae Joon Is Getting Criticized For Friendship With Jung Joon Young

They are best friends...

Park Shin Hye also known as the nation's first love's news of a premarital pregnancy shocked the nation but initially most were in support of the her and Choi Tae Joon's upcoming nuptials. However the jubilance seems short lived as the actress' fiancé's close ties with the nation's most controversial celebrity is being brought back up to light.

Jung Joon Young, a former rockstar in Korea, was sentenced to five years for his rape and his role in an infamous chatroom scandal which later opened the hell gates of the 'Burning Sun' scandal. Park Shin Hye's groom to be, actor Choi Tae Joon is known to be best friends with the fugitive and this is garnering the actor and his bride, fresh new criticism.

A netizen wrote, "What?? Isn't Choi friends with Jung Joon Young?"

Another wrote, "He, Jung Joon Young, and Lee Jong Hyun are best friends"

More netizens wrote of their disapproval writing,

"C'mon Shin Hye..."

"Shin Hye could've done so much better"

"All I can say is LOL"

"It's so obvious Park Shin Hye could've done better..."

What do you think of the situation? Do you believe he was innocent when two of his best friends were the ringleaders of a scandal that shook the nation?


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