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  • Juice Shin


To love and be loved ㅠ.

Park Shin Hye flaunted her glow.

On the 20th, Park Shin-Hye posted on her Instagram, "I had a wonderful birthday, thanks to everyone. Delivers lovely flowers and cakes to my parents' office florist. And from afar, I'd like to express my gratitude to the birthday display board "Certainly did.

Park Shin-Hye appears to be pleased with her birthday present in the photograph. They wear a flower necklace around their necks and take pleasure in sniffing them. Park Shin-hye, who is currently pregnant, recently revealed her transformation by cutting her hair short and flaunting her plump cheeks.

Meanwhile, Park Shin-Hye, who announced her pregnancy and marriage at the same time last year, married actress Choi Tae-Joon in January at a church in Seoul.

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