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Listeners are scratching their heads.

December 28 KST, during the broadcast of her SBS Power FM radio show, Park Ha Sun showed bizarre behavior by asking deeply personal questions.

On the day's broadcast, actor Min Jin Woong was a guest. Park while complimenting the actor all of a sudden said the actor 'was like a girl' and then asked his preference in partner asking, "do you like women even if you act like a woman?", Min Jin Woong was further taken aback when, Park said, "I know you like women".

Min then replied, "I like women but isn't dating anyone currently so I am lonely." Park then interjected stating, "I am not lonely. When you have a kid you don't have time to be lonely. I recommend you birth a baby."

Furthermore when Min stated he was brought to tears by 'Street Girls Fighter', the actress replied, "Something is wrong with you, maybe you are too lonely."

Fans were left rightfully uncomfortable with the interview. What do you think of the situation?

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