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  • Mary Kim


If anybody can, she can.

Fans were able to see TWICE's Jeongyeon perform during the girl group's fourth world tour stop in Los Angeles.

TWICE was able to stand in front of their fans as a complete nine-member group during this time period and elicit excitement from their fans. However, fans became concerned when Jeongyeon occasionally wore a glum expression due to the fact that her neck disc did not appear to be completely healed. Although Jeongyeon refrained from performing any choreography that would place undue strain on her neck, fans were concerned she was overdoing it.

Fans were more concerned because Jeongyeon had been absent from the December Seoul performances due to health concerns. Fans flocked to various online communities and social media platforms on this day to express their concerns about Jeongyeon's health.

"I heard she became bloated due to thyroid issues," fans and netizens commented. "She should have rested until she was completely recovered; what if her health deteriorated?" "She is still ill, but she continues to perform..." "She requires rest," "I'm hoping she doesn't overdo it and instead focuses on getting better," "She's still amazing; I think it's wonderful that she's giving it her all, but I'm sad," and "She's still lovely; I hope she gets better and doesn't push herself for us."

Previously, Jeongyeon took a hiatus due to a neck disc injury in June 2019, just prior to the group's ninth mini-release. album's Following that, Jeongyeon has taken breaks for various health reasons, including panic and anxiety disorders.

Although Jeongyeon did not attend the Seoul performances during the fourth world tour, she joined the group for the US tour, beginning with the Los Angeles performances.


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