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  • Soo Yeon


Drama house will have to do some serious Seoul searching.

JTBC is bleeding ratings and with the continued controversy over 'Snowdrop', there is no end in sight. The station once known as a powerhouse and responsible for 2020 hits 'Itaewon Class' and 'The World Of The Married' is floundering.

According to Nielsen Ratings, JTBC in 2021 alone has four dramas with viewership ratings in the 0% - 1%. December 20th debutant 'The One And Only' opened to a strong 2.4% but has been sinking since, eventually hitting 0.6% on its most recent episode. It seems although the storyline initally sucked viewers in, the dark and sudden loveline between its two protagonist has viewers looking elsewhere.

What's more, even Han So Hee, the most in demand actress in Korea at the moment, couldn't save the drama, 'Nevertheless'. Also the obviously international fans catered, 'IDOL The Coup' turned domestic viewers off and the drama failed spectacularly in the 0%.

The issue doesn't end there, legendary Go Hyun Jung's comeback 'Reflection of You' was also an after thought with ratings flailing between 2-3%. It seems JTBC's favorite cocktail of Older established actress and rising heartthrob actor has been failing them.

Even triple legendary status 'Lee Young Ae' comeback through 'Inspector Koo' came and went as an afterthought. Oh, and hate to beat a dead horse but quadruple legend 'Jun Do Yeon's drama Lost started at 4% before sliding to a 2% rating by the end of the unforgivingly gloomy drama.

It seems with all this and the 'Snowdrop' controversy, and the upcoming 'Til the Morning Comes' controversy, and the emergence of Netflix originals, the once drama house will have to do some real seoul searching.


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