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  • Haein Kim

Off White Korea Offer Flower Vigil for Virgil Abloh's Passing

Flower vigils were displayed all over the world.

To mourn the passing of generational designer and future seeker 'Virgil Abloh', Off White Korea installed a flower vigil in his honor at the Off White store in Seoul. The Korean team through their instagram stated:

In our society where courtesy is second to social class, when fashion autonomous to rule stood still there you stood.

With your genius, modesty, and truth, you broke the system. The millions of youth you inspired, exchanged with, and taught to hope for a better world is a testament to the energy you exerted in this world.

Your family must be heartbroken. Virgil, we will miss you. Your legacy will continue to inspire us, give us courage to dream, and manifest.

Your whatsApp messages, laughter, and pure soul will be dearly missed.

We love you, Virgil.

Virgil Abloh, a generational artist, designer, and friend to avant gardes passed on Nov 28, 2021 to cancer. The artist transcended worldly barriers and is beloved for bringing humans together under the guise of fashion, design, and art. He launched Off White to critical success and helmed fashion powerhouse Louis Vuitton, LVMH when he passed.


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