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  • Soo Yeon

'Now, We Are Breaking Up' Is The Hottest Kdrama In The World, And It Isn't Very Close Apparently

Song Hye Kyo & Jang Ki Yong in the same frame will do that for you.

Photos: Dazed Magazine

Korean dramas have evolved since the days of 'Autumn In My Heart'(2000), but some tropes for success remains, Song Hye Kyo in frame is literally one of them. The actress' career spans generations of trends, new heartthrobs from Won Bin to Hyun Bin to now Jang Ki Yong, yet she is somehow more relevant now than ever before. Her most recent endeavor 'Now, We Are Breaking Up' is a testament to her staying power, as it is reported her efforts have made it the most watched Korean Drama in the world, currently.

According to the 'Good Data Corporation', the drama is the most talked about online for two weeks straight, and it has been the number one watched show in it's time slot for 4 weeks. Did I mention as of this article the drama has aired 8 episodes in, you guessed it, 4 weeks.

It isn't only Korea that is loving the tension thick takes the drama dishes, according to Korean Drama platform 'Viki' the drama is the most watched in North America, South America, Europe, India, and Oceanic (?) markets. That is kind of the whole wide world, Captain Planet. For kicks, according to streaming platform 'Viu' the drama is number one in Thailand and South Asian markets.

Impressive surely but you look at the couple and think, 'Sounds about right'.


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