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  • Karina Lee


Do not mess with NO:ZE.

A clip of 'Street Girls Fighter' uploaded on the 14th showed NO:ZE going off on her team.

In the clip NO:ZE watched her team dance stated "All of you guys are getting the choreo wrong, are you guys doing this wrong on purpose? You guys are so off and I can't see what you guys are trying to do, and I see someone is laughing but she's just really bad".

Comments from viewers watching this included:

"Her trying her best to help them is so dope"

"Seeing her always blushing on shows made me forget how serious she is when working"

"She said she was way different when she was working but I didn't she would be this different, she's so cool ㅠㅠ"

"Please direct forever..really"

"Please give her more screen time, instead of just exploiting her for views"

"NO:ZE is so cool I love her"

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