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  • Cole Yoon

NO:ZE Emphasizes Why She's Not An Idol

She wants the world to know, once and for all!

NO:ZE recently spoke about why she is not an idol. On the most recent episode of 'Knowing Bros', the leaders of the crews that participated in the hit show 'Street Woman Fighter' were guests. On the program NO:ZE explained that she gets asked often why she didn't become an idol since she was so pretty. However she explained she understood the compliment but always felt the question made it seem like she became a dancer because she couldn't make it as an idol. NO:ZE explained that she never wanted to become an idol and that she chose to become a dancer because she simply loved to dance. Honey J who was also on the show confessed that when she was NO:ZE's teacher she too asked her why she didn't become an idol because she was so pretty. What do you think, how far would she have gone if she did become an idol?


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